Diary of an Ass Monkey (assmonkeydiary) wrote,
Diary of an Ass Monkey

Nice day...

So, I watched the rest of the Justice League Unlimited episodes last night. Man, that is a really good show. I loved the one where they were fighting the Ultimen--a team basically made up of side characters from the old Superfriends show (i.e. Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, Zan & Jayna). The two-part time travel saga at the end of the season was good too (bonus! Hal Jordan cameo!). Apparently the new season starts immediately this week (funny how the word season loses all meaning in cable television). Hawkgirl's appearences were so strong and dramatic that I think I'll have to download the season before Unlimited to see how her betrayal of the League played out...

What colors do you suppose these stockings would be if the photograph wasn't black and white?

Tags: television
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