Diary of an Ass Monkey (assmonkeydiary) wrote,
Diary of an Ass Monkey

"infinite like the ass monkey"

So, I was googling for the site here (we're number 5 for searches on "ass monkey") and found quite a few sites that talk about us...

"There are political blogs, sports blogs, so why not a butt blog? The very aptly named Diary of an Ass Monkey can be found here. The blogger says about his site "What a strange blog I have. I complain about stuff, and then I show you pictures of butts". Ahh, this great invention called the internet...."
--Boomis Babe Report

"This is almost as good as Diary of an Ass Monkey blog. Well, no really, it's just as good, but not infinite like the Ass Monkey."

"A blog where the usual trivial reflections are mixed in with beautiful pictures of women's butts."
--Porn Reports

"Best of an "ass monkey" google search."
--Cruel Site of the Day

"A blog of daily complaints and women's asses."

Interesting. To me at least. And now on to why we're really here...

Tags: best of 2004, the internet

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