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more hospital talk

Well, we got the good word that the lumps on K's niece were not cancer or leukemia, just a staph infection, which they were able to catch in time. If she didn't get infected at the hospital where she was born, as we suspect, then she might be horribly allergic to something in their house, so drama is likely to continue. We're not sure when they're going to let her home.

My brother's surgeon ended up performing a triple bypass on him yesterday, harvesting veins from one leg, one arm, and his chest to replace the occluded ones. The surgery went well, but my parents are pretty worried that he's going to try and rip tubes and wires out of himself if he's not doped up enough. The sight of him after surgery was apparently pretty horrific as his youngest daughter, who has barely left his side since he went in, could bare to look at him. Poor kid. I can handle seeing a cracked chest, but hopefully the ventilator tube will be out when I get there to visit tonight.

I'm having a lot of dreams lately, but my sleep hasn't been good at all. I wake up feeling more tired than when I went to sleep.

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