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the weekend

It's amazing how coming out of a heat wave can make an 89 degree day like today seem an ice cold paradise. Had some sweet bicycle riding the past 16 hours. Bless that little rain storm's heart.

Saturday, woke up and did some a hilarious amount of research in order to write a description of a car for the novel. We went over to Childrens Hospital, where K's newborn niece and her parents are going through nightmare of procedures to diagnose a couple of skin bumps. Then we went over to a backyard barbeque for my youngest niece's high school graduation, on the hottest day of the heat wave, that ended in my brother being hospitalized with breathing problems that seem to be heart related. K and I are sure appreciating our health this week.

Sunday was far more relaxing. K. and I spent a nice morning together, then she shut herself into the air-conditioned bedroom to catch up on some paperwork and I headed out to local air-conditioned bar to do some writing and keep an eyes on the Phillies game. Then we went to a lovely birthday potluck dinner where there we drank cocktails of gin, pureed cucumber and lime juice (so refreshing!) and way too much yummy food.

Tags: bicycle, tan lines, weather

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