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New York Asian Film Festival

Had a great time in New York last week. Got a couple hours of writing done on the bus ride up. Held in the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center, The New York Asian Film Festival was great. I even won a prize: a giant pack of ramen noodles with black bean sauce that tied into one of the movies.

SCANDAL MAKERS was a cute Korean comedy about a bachelor whose life is turned upside down when he discovers he's a father and grandfather.

SYMBOL was a strange and funny Japanese film following two storylines: one about a Mexican wrestler's family on the day of a big match and the other about a man who wakes up trapped in a bizarre white room that is featureless except for little baby penises covering the walls.

DOMAN SEMAN promised to be good, a contemporary Japanese mystical adventure with little details that reminded me of Grant Morrison's The Invisibles. Unfortunately, like most movies shot on digital video, the direction was aimless, the acting weak, and the editing virtually non-existent. I gave up half way through and went to a fancy, yet surprisingly affordable sushi bar. Came back for the Q&A with the filmmakers though which was actually pretty interesting.

The Korean film CASTAWAY ON THE MOON was the big winner of the day. It was about a regular guy who has sunk into debt and decides to kill himself, but the bridge he jumps off is too low and he washes up on a little island in the Han River in Seoul. Unable to swim, nor convince the police or his ex-girlfriend that he's not joking around before his cell phone dies, he's stranded there right within view of the city's skyscrapers.

The next day, I strolled through Greenwich Village until the heat got too annoying, then holed up at a bar called Amity Hall, where I did some writing while waiting for my buddy Joel to get into the city. We had some tempura spring beans and buffalo chicken eggrolls. After a few more drinks there, we headed uptown to The Breslin to continue drinking somewhat nearer to where I was catching my bus home. We noshed on the terrine board, which included guinea hen, rustico pork, rabbit, and head cheese. It was all very soft and jellied and strange, but went down surprisingly easily.

And then when I got back to Philly, the Danger After Dark film festival began here in Philly. I'll talk about that tomorrow.

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