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dusting off the blog

As people have been reminding me, it's been ages since I've posted anything, just three posts in five weeks. I've been busy at work, catching up on things that built up during vacation. And I've been slowly sinking into a depression since coming home. I'm become thoroughly unmotivated and am spiraling into anhedonia.

I haven't done any new writing on the novel since April and the time off hasn't exactly recharged my batteries. In fact, just the opposite. I'm right back to the paralysis I was feeling back in February. The few times I have made myself sit down to write, I basically just edited chapters I've already completed.

Needless to say, resolutions are all but forgotten. I'm eating poorly, watching too much television, and wasting idiotic amounts of time on the internet. I haven't even been riding my bike lately because it's been getting ultra-frequent flats, probably from the heat. I keep the tires underpressurized and try to park it in the shade, but no luck. Maybe there's something hidden in the tire.

Well, with any luck this is the low point of my current funk and I will resolutely start bouncing back.

Tags: aquatic, bicycle, classic playboy, fitter happier more productive, writing
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