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Lost finale (spoilers)

Well, we're back from the trip, which was great, and I'll talk about that soon, but first I've got to talk about the final episode of Lost.

I thought there were some really sweet moments between the characters and I found most of the awakenings very affecting and emotionally satisfying, especially the one between Charlie and Claire. Unfortunately, I was ultimately disappointed that they flaked out on explaining what was going on. The creators clearly lied about knowing the whole story from the beginning, clearly lied about the alternate universe being real, and clearly lied with their whole "There's nothing supernatural going on, it's all science" pledge even though we still really have no idea what the hell was going on. Of course, the writers clearly didn't know either. Even Jacob was probably just echoing poorly understood ideas he heard from C.J. Cregg and who knows if even she knew what she was talking about.

It was also weird who they decided to include and not include. It's too bad Michael & Walt didn't love each other enough to go to Super Church with the rest of the original castaways. And poor Daniel and Charlotte didn't get to have the love flashback when they touched. What was that about? And does Ben staying outside mean that he's not ready to let go or that he never died? Did he take over as protector for Hurley (after they turned the island back into a spaceship and flew off to have adventures in outer space)? Oh, and I really dug Hurley giving Ben the relationship he never had with Jacob. That was good stuff.

I actually sort of liked the hokey idea of a world they created in order to find each other again after death, but why did they make it so grim and violent? And why show us the island under water and have Juliet say the bomb worked? Maybe Christian was lying to Jack. Maybe he's still the man in black and he's finally got all the candidates trapped!

I of course liked the symmetry of things ending just the way they started, Jack laying in the reeds, being startled by Vincent. I'd accuse the whole show of being Jack's pre-death hallucination, only I'm not convinced Jack was interesting enough to dream all that.

What did you think?

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