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Lost (spoilers)

Well, that was a poor episode of Lost this week. No real plot advancement, no real revelations. And it sure was a bad time to not be white on that show. Poor little Kate can have a gun to her head, get shot in a fight, almost bleed to death and almost drown, but of course she's totally fine at the end. Our two Koreans and our Iraqi on the other hand? Not so much.

I can see the writers wanting to redeem Sayid by making him die a hero, but what was the point of killing Jin and Sun? I didn't find them dying together nearly romantic or moving enough to justify their deaths. Especially when one of them should have survived to raise their child, instead of leaving that task to her evil mobster father.

The only way that scene gets even partially redeemed is if Lapidus swam back down and saved them after the scene ended, and even then it's cheap piled on top of cheap. And I'm no submarine expert, but wouldn't three-and-a-half minutes give them enough time to surface the sub and throw the bomb overboard? I mean they obviously weren't down so deep that Hurley couldn't swim back to the island carrying Kate.

And the off island storyline was completely lame.

Oh, my god, a million little kids are suddenly marching down my street, right in the middle of the street, all babbling at once with their little kid voices! What is going on?

Well, leaving for the trip on Sunday. Might post a bit while gone, but no promises.

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