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catching up...

Been a while since I updated. Been battling a spell of depression, which usually doesn't hit me so hard in the springtime, and awful allergies, which have me popping a 24-hour pill ever 12 hours (and considering more), but I'm hanging in. I'm doing a pretty good job of forcing myself to write, because the depressions gets a lot worse when I don't. The resulting prose hasn't been quite as satisfying as it was a month or so ago, but it's good enough for a first draft I guess.

K. and I leave on vacation Sunday. This is the road trip through the South that I mentioned a couple months back. With burning oil slicks in the gulf and flooding in Tennessee our timing is pretty bad, but what the hell, we need some time off. A little traveling should be good for the depression, although probably not for the allergies.

Tags: haberdashery, stockings, wayback wednesdays, writing

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