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K. and I watched the movie Push on DVD this weekend. Despite being a big budget action film, you may not have heard of it. Or if you did, it may have only been because it was the reason the film of Sapphire's novel Push had to be called Precious instead. Reminiscent of The Tomorrow People, X-Men, and Brian Lumley's Necroscope books, it's about a handful of humans who each have some kind of psychic power.

The movie follows Nick (The Fantastic Four's Chris Evans), a young, American second-generation telekinetic who has been hiding out in Hong Kong ever since his father was taken or murdered by an organization call Division back when Nick was a kid. Nick's quiet life is turned upside down when he gets a visit from a streetwise twelve-year-old named Cassie (The Runaways' Dakota Fanning), who get glimpses of the future which she draws in a little book. Cassie is also on the run from Division, but she's been having visions that she and Nick are going to work together on a scheme that may make them rich or bring Division down or get them both killed (depending on the day she's doing the predicting). Hunting Nick and Cassie down is Division's Agent Carver (The Island's Djimon Hounsou), who can implant false memories and emotions into people's minds. And it's not just Division that's after them. There's also a family of psychic criminals who work for the Triad who are after the same thing. Along the way, Nick and Cassie seek help from numerous other folks also on the run from Division, each with some different psychic power (including Camilla Bella, Cliff Curtis, Maggie Siff and Ming-Na).

Overall, I found it a pretty compelling story. Granted, I've always had a thing for stories about people with psychic powers, but the characters and plot were pretty enjoyable. I can see how the last two acts might have confused some audiences, as the main characters are hatching a complicated plan to outwit the psychic seers that were trying to predict their next moves, but I enjoyed the puzzle of trying to figure out what they were doing. And the gritty streets of Hong Kong looked absolutely beautiful in the movie, almost worth the price of admission by themselves.

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