Diary of an Ass Monkey (assmonkeydiary) wrote,
Diary of an Ass Monkey

Lost (spoilers)

Forgot to write about Lost this week.

It was great to see Libby back and awesome that she and Hurley finally got their date. Their scenes were nicely acted and touching. But what does it mean that they remember the alternate timeline? How is that going to come into play?

The Jack and Hurley scenes were sweet too. I'm not certain about Richard's plan to blow up the plane. Seems doomed to failure, but I'm assuming he's going to be captured by Widmore's people and we'll get a good reunion scene between them out of that.

And what is ghost Michael up to? Are we supposed to be seeing him as a good guy now? And that ghost kid Smoke Locke was trying to ignore?

Ok, so on the island, Locke throws Desmond down a well. Off the island Desmond runs Locke down with his car. Is there more than a superficial connection? It's probably safe to assume that Desmond survived the fall and that there's something special he has to find down there, which no one else could survive because of electro-magnetic mumbo jumbo, presumably some part of Locke's escape plan.

And why did Desmond run down Locke? Someone in the Widmore family must ordered him to, but why? Obviously he's going to end up in Jack's hospital and Jack is going to work some sort of miracle on him.

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