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an excellent weekend

Saturday, I biked up town for lunch at Village Whiskey with my old high school pal Mike. After the superb burgers and duckfat fries, we grabbed an outdoor table with a good view of Rittenhouse Square (at Rouge) and enjoyed many beers, conversation, and people watching on a fine sunny afternoon.

That evening, the Philly Roller Girls finally had their first home game of the year. They played in the London team and it was an amazing battle. So much fun to watch. I was so hoarse from yelling afterward. Philly beat London in 103-102 in literally the final seconds of the match. Can't wait for the next one.

Sunday, after K. did yoga and I got some writing done, we headed out to Honey's for a late breakfast, early lunch, which everybody else in Philly decided to do to. Even after taking a half hour stroll we still had a long list of people ahead of waiting for tables, so in an act of utter spontaneity, K. said, "Let's go to New Hope instead." So we grabbed some snacks for the road and drove up there. It was perfect weather for strolling around. Got delicious guacamole and cochinita pibil at the Blue Tortilla, yummy ice cream at Gerenser's, and bought some books at a great new bookstore in Lambertville. A lovely day.

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