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Lost (spoilers) - The Secret-ish Origin of Richard Alpert

So, we didn't learn a lot from the new episode of Lost, but at least we confirmed that Richard came on the Black Rock and Jacob gave him eternal life. Richard's back story was pretty good, more emotionally dramatic than I expected, although I would have liked to have seen a bit more of his conversion from Smokey Dude to Jacob. That part just seemed a little rushed.

It's interesting that Jacob fought for his life so well against Richard, yet seemed so passive when Ben killed him. I guess at the time of Ben's attack, Jacob knew his successor was on the island and in position to take his place, so he didn't have to fight it. Of course that raises the question of why Smokey Locke isn't hustling more to get off the island before someone takes Jacob's place?

I like the guy who plays Smokey Dude, but I wish they would hurry up and give him a name. The fact that they hven't sort of implies that it's going to be a name that will have an immediate educational impact once we learn it. I really hope he's not the Devil, because that's just too easy. Speaking of which, I enjoyed the writers fucking with the fans who have theorized that the island is hell and everyone on it is dead. That was pretty funny.

Oh, and it was fun to see the wild boars again. I've missed them!

I'm a little puzzled how the Black Rock took out that gigantic statue by crashing into it. I guess its base was already pretty eroded and the wave hurling the ship was pretty damn strong. Also, a "black rock" destroyed white stone statue. That's all symbolic, right?

And speaking of symbolic, if the island is the cork, doesn't that make our planet the bottle? Did Jacob or his predecessors create our world to be a prison for evil?

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