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Somehow the wind managed to be against me the entire way to work today. Tough ride. And it doesn't help that Daylight Savings has set me back on my old course of staying up too late and not getting enough sleep. I think I better add an "S" to my goal tracker. Did pretty well on everything else though yesterday, even managing to turn off the television and internet long enough to do some writing. It's frustrating that I can't make myself do that every day, but at least I'm working on it, I guess.

Still haven't lost much weight, although my BMI does seem to have shifted completely from Obese to Overweight. To get down to the so-called healthy weight, I'll have to lose another 35 pounds, which at this point seems pretty impossible, but I shall keep trying. Some other healthy weight calculators that bring age or frame size into the equation say I only need to get down to 197 or 202. It's kind of hard to predict what I'd look like at any of those weights, since I'm pretty sure I've never been there as an adult.

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