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the weekend's bicycling

Ugh... after two weeks of gorgeous Spring weather, this morning's cold rain is really kicking my mood's ass. I found it nearly impossible to get out of bed this morning. Must focus on how nice the past weekend was, riding around town under sunny skies in t-shirt and shorts.

Saturday, K. and her sister took their mom to a play in NYC, so I rode my bike around the western side of Fairmount Park where the Centennial International Exhibition was held in 1876. It was America's first official World's Fair and a few of the 200 buildings built for the fair are still standing, most notably Memorial Hall, which served as an art museum and is now the Please Touch Museum, a fun hands-on museum for kids. The fair's awesomely-named Catholic Total Abstinence Fountain is also still there. I explored the grounds of the Horticultural Center a bit and rode my bike around the walls of Shofuso (the Japanese House and Garden), which unfortunately doesn't open until May.

On Sunday, K. held a clothing swap, so after helping her set up, I took off for a bike ride up the crowded Schuylkill River Trail up to Manayunk. I had lunch and a few beers at one of the outdoor bars along the river. There was a period of mass excitement at the bar when a kid walking along a wooden bridge across the river from us seemed like he was going to jump. Every drunken adult in the place was up on their feet hoping the shirtless fourteen year old would leap the fifty or so feet into the river. Although he was probably unaware of them, he nevertheless toyed skillfully with their emotions, hanging over the edge, letting go with one hand then grabbing the rail with the other over and over. Finally, the denizens of the bar gave up on him and took their seats again, many loudly calling him a tease. I asked the bartender if that happens often and she said, "Yeah, all the time. They always chicken out before they jump though."

When I got home, K. and I hung out and watched some television, including season premiers of United States of Tara, Nurse Jackie, and Breaking Bad, which I'll talk about later.

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