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Lost (spoilers)

Well that episode seems to make it clear that whoever the castaways tried to become on the island affected who they actually became in the alternate universe. Sawyer was running security for Dharma with Miles as his deputy, so instead of being a criminal in the other world, he's a police detective with Miles as his partner. It was nice to see Charlotte again, but I'd rather have seen her happily hooked up with Faraday there. Ah, well. And didn't it seem like she was searching for more than just a t-shirt?

I wonder why we're only seeing Widmore in the sub. Is it that they couldn't convince the actor to fly out to Hawaii or can he not step foot on the island? I was a little annoyed that Sawyer didn't want to hear his version of things, but maybe he was worried that any new information would interfere with his plans to get off the island by any means necessary.

Oh, and it was fun being reminded that Sawyer is a big fan of Little House on the Prairie. It's very endearing.

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