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Lost (spoilers)

Caught up with Lost last night and quite enjoyed Sayid's on-inland exploits. I don't really care whether he chooses to be good or evil, I just like to see him in action, as opposed to just standing around asking the occasional question. He rarely fails to kick ass when they let him.

Also, I'm hoping the dead lover he wants back is Shannon, instead of Nadia, as the flash sideways would have us believe. Or maybe Smokey will just give him Shannon regardless of whom Sayid actually meant. Dude, when you've had multiple lovers die in your arms, you really should be more specific when making deals with the devil.

The flash sideways storyline was once again pretty boring to me, at least until Keamy and Jin showed up at the end. They really need to keep killing Keamy at least twice a season.

So I wonder how was Dogen keeping Smokey out of the temple? And why did Smokey attack the temple anyway? Was it just revenge for those people following Jacob or was there more to it? Some object he needed or switch pulled? And where is he leading the people who joined him?

Last week, I was wondering why Jacob bothered taking Jack and Hurley out to the lighthouse, but it now seems pretty clear that it was to get them to safety prior to Smokey's attack. Hmmm.... and when are Jin and Sun finally going to be reunited?

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