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Lost (spoilers)

This week's Lost didn't do much for me. The Lighthouse might have been cooler if we hadn't just seen the cliffside cave last week. And Jacob manipulating Hurley to get Jack there just so that he'll have a meltdown and break it will seems likely to turn out pointless. Using Jack and Hurley to give voice to the fans felt a bit forced too. I'm thinking of Jack wondering how they never noticed a lighthouse on the island before and Hurley throwing out the favored fan theory that the ancient cave corpses are two of our main characters who were thrown back in time. If the episode had had more going for it, I probably wouldn't have minded.

The whole sideways story about alternate Jack's relationship with his surprise son was thoroughly limp, despite my usual predilection for such storylines. It tells me nothing new about Jack and I doubt will have much effect on things back on the island.

Just about the only thing that did work for me was Jin's horror movie scenes at the hands of axe killer Claire. I'm not sure where they're going with that, but at least it was intense. My friend Michael figures the final scene means Christian Shephard's appearances on the island have always been the smoke monster guy, and I guess he's right. That would imply that Smokey led the castaways to fresh water and hung out in Jacob's cabin and had Locke move the island, which were things I'd been chalking up to Jacob. Interesting.

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