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another resolution....

Well, almost made all my resolutions. Ate a salad for dinner, turned off the television at 10:00, and at least tried to write, although I did still surf the net some. What's really irritating though is that I got up early all excited to ride my bike to work--today being the one non-rainy, non-snowy day of the week--but while getting the trash ready, I managed to re-yank the same muscle I pulled on Sunday ducking under trees in the Wissahickon. It's so weird, because I thought the pain was gone and now it's back three times as strong. Having trouble even standing, so riding sounded like torture. Hmmm.... maybe once the back heals I should add a little yoga or pilates to my list of resolutions, because I'm apparently flexibility-challenged.

[In lieu of filling every entry with updates on my progress, from here on in, I'll just mark the following letters into the mood box on livejournal when I do them: B (bike), N (novel), E (eat healthy), T (television), I (Internet), and Y (yoga or pilates).]

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