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five resolutions

Miserable weather is at least good for self reflection. I apologize if this boring to read, but it helps me

Of the four things that I need to change in my life right now, only one, riding my bike to work again, is even remotely outside of my control and even with that I realize I'm somewhat using weather as an excuse to be lazy. I also need to start eating healthier again. The first steps will be limiting myself to one cheeseburger a week and eating more salads and fruit. I realize I've been putting off worrying about what I eat until I was cycling again and that's just silly. The two aren't as connected as I've managed to convince myself.

And then there is the matter of the two hours each day after which K. has gone to bed, but before I go to bed. I need to stop channel surfing and stop mindlessly messing around on the internet during that time. Those hours can obviously be put to better use. It'll be hard, but I intend to shut off the television (unless there's something I really, really want to watch), pump some music into my headphones, and start writing again. It's been almost a year since I've done any serious work on my novel, and even then my nose was pretty far from the grindstone. Even if I feel too blocked or tired to write anything new, there's plenty of editing to be done on the already written sections. Writing is probably the single most important thing I can do right now to change my perspective on life and feel better about myself.

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