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snow feasting

Well, a lot of snow came down Friday night and it kept coming down until sunset on Saturday. It was the shiniest, most glistening snow I've ever seen and quite fluffy. We had two feet on the sidewalk in front of our house, although because of the vagaries of wind some streets had less than a foot. Fortunately we were well-stocked with food in the house, but like a silly-headed fool I hiked out in the snow anyway to buy some parchment paper at the Acme so that I could bake cookies. Fearing that all the desperate people there buying milk and bread would be angered by the frivolity of my purchas, I added a handful of foodstuffs as camouflage.

I mixed up some pumpkin pancakes, baked oatmeal cookies, roasted up a nice little edamame and corn salad, and made my famous homemade chicken pot pies. Yes, most of my time this weekend was spent either cooking or eating. And that is just fine by me!

Tags: food, weather

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