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catching up....

It seems like ages since I've actually had to post any text here. Lately I've been concentrating on surviving the short, cold, depressing days of winter, which mostly consists of eating heartier and drinking more often. I made a ridiculously delicious carrot cake with cream cheese icing a week or so ago. And this past Sunday, I made a big mess of beef stroganoff, which turned out pretty spectacular too. Fortunately it's not all eating and drinking. I've been very good about keeping up with my bicycle commuting in the frigid weather. So far that seems to be balancing out any damage from the extra carbs. I was pretty psyched about the opening of the Roller Derby this weekend, but unfortunately there was a fire at the Armory, so that's been postponed. Maybe I need some live music....

Also: Lost is on tonight!

Tags: bicycle, fishnets, food, stockings, television, two for tuesday

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