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Prime Rib and Nine

On Friday night, we had a our office Christmas dinner at The Prime Rib. Sooooo good. Does anything beat great food and great drinks on someone else's dime? After pouring a few expertly made sidecars down my gullet at the bar, I was already feeling pleasantly drunk when we finally made our way to the table. I had a crab cocktail and a dry aged NY strip steak, medium rare, with a loaded baked potato. And of course more sidecars. K. was a litle worried that I was too drunk for a work function, but co-workers have confirmed this morning that I was fine. And to end it all, a hot fudge sundae just because it sounded so good in my drunken state. It seemed a shame to waste my highly intoxicated state, so after putting my sleepy girlfriend to bed, I went out and met up with my buddy Michael for a few more drinks.

Saturday--blissfully hangover-free of course since I mostly stuck to brandy, one of my three lucky boozes--K. and I made our way uptown for some Indian buffet and the movie Nine. Rob Marshall sure can make a gorgeous looking movie, unfortunately the script and music were pretty forgettable for the most part. But some of the acting was brilliant enough to elevate the material. Daniel Day Lewis did an amazing job in the main role as a past-his-prime Italian film director. Marion Cotillard was great as his estranged wife and her big emotional striptease number was one of the affecting scenes in the film. Penelope Cruz was delightfully adorable as his mistress. And Judi Dench was perfection (as always) as his longtime costumer and confidant. That said, Fergie's presence was unnecessary, Kate Hudson seemed shipped in from a completely different movie, Sophia Loren scared me a little, and Nicole Kidman didn't connect with her role as the director's muse as well as you'd expect.

Tags: best of 2010, film, food

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