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The Great Sleep Experiment Continues!

Wow, getting enough sleep is weird. I'm so alert I can hardly stand it. Why is that tree outside my window swaying so much? Why are those kids across the street jumping off that wall over and over? Why is my typing so loud? Why does this water taste slightly metallic today when it was fine yesterday? How can the person in the next cubical come to work with that wet cough?

Normally my brain would have ignored all this. It makes me a little nervous to be so aware. It's like tripping on acid but not as groovy. Yes, that's right, I just compared getting a good night's sleep with LSD. Damn, I'm turning into such an old man. "You know, sonny, the only drug experience I need is eight hours on a firm mattress!"

Tags: best of 2010, fitter happier more productive, wayback wednesdays

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