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the holidays so far

Well the holidays were not just survived but actually enjoyed. Tuesday, I got off early from work after our staff holiday party, which mostly consisted of me playing with all my co-workers little kids, who were a lot of fun but exhausting. I hit a bar for a couple hours to chill out and then finally started my shopping. Fortunately my family doesn't do a lot of presents, so it wasn't too bad and so was able to finish up with a Wednesday trip to Borders. Got a really great cheeseburger (and a couple of Strongbow ciders) at Good Dog to reward myself for shopping.

I spent most of Christmas Eve day wrapping presents and baking triple chocolate cookies (cocoa powder, melted chocolate, and chocolate chips) for our various holiday visits. Then it was off to my Aunt's condo in Wilmington for dinner, then back to Philly for K's boss's Christmas party, which was really awesome, and then off to Pitman (New Jersey) to sing carols around the piano with my old childhood neighbors.

We spent the night at my parents, which we haven't done in years, enjoyed Christmas morning with the family, then bolted up to Burlington for Christmas with K's family. We basically made that day awesome by giving her brother-in-law Beatles Rockband, which had four generations of their family grooving and singing along at the same time, including K's eighteen-month-old niece, who already knows how to rock out with a microphone in her hand.

Saturday, we hit a nice neighborhood Christmas party for some great roast pork and Johnny Walker Black. On Sunday we saw Sherlock Holmes, which was a lot of fun, followed by Thai food and shoe shopping. I actually bought my first ever pair of boots (not counting various pairs of Doc Martens in my youth). Then we went to a great Christmas party at our friend Jen's house.

All in all, a very pleasant holiday.

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