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Two For Tuesday

So, way back in August, laerm had a great suggestion and I'm finally getting around to implementing it. Well, technically I started last week, but I did so without any fanfare. And you know what a fan of fanfare I am.

Taking a cue from classic rocks stations all over the country (world?), Tuesdays will now be Two For Tuesdays... or Twofer Tuesdays... or Doubleshot Tuesdays. I'm not fully committed to any one name yet, but the idea is simple: Tuesday's picture will give you not just one, but two asses! Yes, two butts for the price of one! In fact, sometimes I might just go out of my mind and throw in three or more asses. But either way, with god as my witness, you will never go hungry for asses again... on Tuesdays.

Now, you fans of Wayback Wednesday are going to make out like bandits on this as well, because you see, many of the photos I've lined up for Two For Tuesday are retro ones from my overflowing Wayback Wednesday collection. So, in an act of thoroughly malicious Assmonkeydiary confuzzelation, some Tuesdays will be both Tuesday and Wednesday combined into one spectacular day.

In fact, since that's just the way I roll, let's do exactly that thing right now. Enjoy!

Tags: barefoot, milestones, two for tuesday, wayback wednesdays

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