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a bike of the streets

Well, my bike's been having an exciting time.

The university has completely torn up the sidewalk and street in front of the building where I work. It's now a huge, gaping chasm of broken stone and unearthed cables. To get into the building (or to the bicycle rack) you have to walk across a narrow piece of plywood that buckles under as you cross while all around you jackhammers, earth movers and cranes go loudly about in their mission of destruction.

Maybe all the demolition is why my bicycle had a flat tire when I left work last night. Or maybe some jerk did something bad to it. I don't really know, but it made me feel uncharacteristically violent when I realized it was flat. I took the easiest solution which was to just lock it back up and take it to Eastern Mountain Sport's bike shop today. This especially sucked because the weather is currently really mild and perfect for riding. I suppose I should have a patch kit for times like that, but I doubt I would have made the effort last night anyway.

So, my bicycle spent it's first night chained up out in the cold, unforgiving city by itself. Without even another bike to keep it company.

When I got in this morning, my bike was there and fine (well, in the same shape I left it), but it was surrounded by yellow crime tape! There had been a murder!

No, not really. It was surrounded by yellow crime tape, but only because the guys doing construction are ripping out the bike racks today as part of the plan to completely detach our building from the surrounding city. They hung a sign on my bike that said it had to be moved by 6:00 am this morning. Wow, did they even hang the sign that early? Crazy. So I moved it around the corner and will get it repaired soon.

In other upheaval news, my work computer is being replaced which means I am temporarily hiding the assmonkeydiary archives on the network. With any luck it will go undiscovered. Fingers crossed!

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