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Bah... rain.

Second episode of the new V series ran last night. Unfortunately it was a little light on the drama and the reveals, since they stuffed too many into the first episode. I'm not really feeling attached to any of the characters yet, which is worrying, but I'm bound to keep watching just because I loved the original mini-series so much as a kid. I even read the books. Of course, it helps greatly that it's got Morena Baccarin and Alan Tudyk from Firefly in it. They should totally cast Adam Baldwin as the new version of Ham Tyler, Michael Ironside character from the original.

(I scoured the archives for a photo that would honor Veterans, girls in cheeky uniforms or posing with soldiers, but didn't find anything. Settled on this one which looks like the sort of pic a GI in WWII or Korea might have carried with him.)

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