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Sad night. The Yankees definitely proved they were the better team, but at least the Phillies gave them a decent fight. And I have a very strong hunch we'll be back next year. Hopefully with a newfound ability to hit against left-handed pitchers. And perhaps another pitcher closer to Cliff Lee's superhuman caliber. I really love this team and feel a weird bond with the players. Man, it just sucks that they couldn't win. Grrr....

I find it perversely amusing that after a lifetime of avoiding interest in sports, I've finally come around a little and it's just one more thing for me to get morose about. I thought I already had a complete collection.

I've been feeling a spell of depression coming on for the past few weeks. Obviously, the shortening days has a lot to do with that. And then the Day Lights Saving switch makes it so much worse.

Ah, well, I'll drag myself out of it. I always do.

Tags: action, barefoot, phils, sports

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