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Well, our beloved transit workers have gone on strike again, even though the average SEPTA employee is way better off than me (grumble, grumble). At least they were good enough (or fans enough) to hold off until after the Philly games in the World Series were over. That planned stunt would have really cost them support. Hilariously, the last time they went on strike they planned it during the Republican National Convention. I wonder how many visiting Republicans they thought were going to be riding buses and subways anyway?

So the roads are significantly more crowded today. I didn't mind the extra cars so much. They mostly served to block intersections in my favor, allowing me to fly through red lights on my way in to center city. It was the extra bicyclists actually that were most annoying. By the time I turned onto Walnut Street, I was stuck in a pack of about thirty really slow riders, more than a few who probably haven't been on a bike since the last transit strike. I finally had to take over a car lane for a bit in order to get around them. Maybe it's time for me to enact my as yet unveiled, top secret alternate route...

In other news, K. continues to feel better.

Also, GO PHILS!!!

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