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"Cream buns and doughnuts... and fruitcake with no nuts... so good you could go nuts..."

My boss brings in these doughnuts, from one of the hundred local bakeries she knows all too well, and they are just beyond superb. The cream doughnuts especially. A light, airy, yeast-risen powdered doughnut, split in half and layered with a ton of the most amazing sugary vanilla cream filling. I swear that a mouthful of sugar itself could not possibly have more sugar in it than a mouthful of the cream from these doughnuts. Bliss!

Now my eyes will be opened far too wide and my legs will be bouncing up and down frantically for the next half hour or so until my the inevitable sugar crash leaves everyone in the office napping at their desk.

There are certainly worse ways to weather the coming storm.

Also: Go, Phils!

Tags: barefoot, food, weather

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