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Go, Phils!

I don't really have a lot of interest in sports. I'll watch maybe a dozen games of the World Cup when it rolls around every four years. That's pretty fun. And once in a while, a game here or there manages to hold my attention for an hour or so.

But last year, when the Phillies were in the playoffs and then the series, I was really surprised how into it I got. It's easy to love a team that's winning, but it went well beyond that. I watched every game, routed and yelled and worried, poured out onto Broad Street for the victory mob, and even took the day off for the victory parade.

Now with the Phillies in it again, my attention span for baseball is back. Even with the weird times Phillies and Rockies were playing each other, I managed to watch or listen to at least a good chunk of each game. And I'm getting more and more psyched about them.

Now onto the Dodgers!

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