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Betty Brosmer

With her dramatic curves (38-18-36) and gorgeous girl-next-door looks, blonde bombshell Betty Brosmer became a pin-up queen and one the world's first super models. Her face graced more than three hundred magazine covers and thousands of photo spreads. She posed for artists Alberto Vargas and Earl Moran, as well as famous glamour photographer Keith Bernard. Betty got her degree in psychology from UCLA and was a devoted adherent to Zen Buddhism and yoga long before they became trendy in America. She drew the line at fairly modest cheesecake shots, famously turning down big money to appear nude in Playboy magazine.

At her peak, during the 50s, Betty was the highest paid pin-up model in the world. A shrewd businesswoman, she was the first model to successfully demand residuals every time her photo was used and owned the rights to many of the negatives of her pictures. With her husband, bodybuilder Joe Weider, she founded Shape magazine, a health and fitness magazine for women. At the age of 74, she still looks great and continues to write two monthly columns on women's health.

I just love this picture of her getting her nerd on.

(Thanks to http://www.bettybrosmer.com, http://www.clubpinup.com/pinup/brosmer/bio.html, and http://javasbachelorpad.com/brosmer.html for their great information and marvelous photos)

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