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lunching and film festivaling

No bosses in the office yesterday, so I bicycled over to Local 44 for lunch. It's a great beer bar here in West Philly with very good food, a little about outside my normal lunching range, but not so bad when I hop on the bike. I drank some Prima Pils and ate the Picnic Platter: fried chicken, collard greens, corn bread, and mac & cheese. Sooooo good!

While there I did a little film planning. You see, that film festival that I normally go to in Spring has been split asunder, the two controlling entities each hosting their own. Even though it starts next week, they just got their schedule together: http://www.pff09.org. I'm not going to take a whole week off for it, but maybe a day or two.

Three definites on my list:

Lars Von Trier's Antichrist, which stars Charlotte Gainsbourg and William Dafoe, and is becoming infamous on the festival circuit for so horrifying viewers that they have to walk out on it. Yes!

District 13: Ultimatum is the sequel to District B13, a brilliant French action flick whose non-stop parkour and violence had my adrenaline racing for hours afterwards.

Corey McAbee, the lunatic who made The American Astronaut is back with Stingray Sam. It promises to be another low budget boozey sci-fi cowboy comic musical. Even better, this one is told in episodes like an old Flash Gordon serial, complete with cliffhangers. Awesome.

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