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excellent weekending

What a lovely weekend. Perfect weather pretty much from start to finish.

Friday night, I went out with the boys. We tried the new Resurrection Ale House. Drinks-wise they were quite good, but I was unimpressed with my meal. I got the twice-fried chicken, which should have been an easy sell for me, but wasn't. The needlessly hard outer shell of skin had completely separated from the over-fried meat, so that it was practically impossibly to get meat and skin in the same bite. It was about the equivalent of Crown Fried Chicken, which would have charged me only a third as much. I would probably give them another try someday, but not too soon. Still, the drinking was good, saw some people I hadn't seen for a while. Also hit the Sidecar, which I haven't visited enough this summer.

Woke up energized the next morning, so I did some chores around the house, including putting in the storm windows, which of course pretty much guaranteed the weather would turn sunny and warm. K. and I then hopped on our bikes and rode up to Franklin Square, a formerly under-used park that's been experiencing a renaissance lately with Philly-themed mini-golf, a beautiful carousel, and--most importantly to us--Square Burger. Inspired by similar operations in NYC, Philly's top restauranteur Stephen Starr opened up a burger stand in the park. They offer up high-quality burgers, along with hot dogs, fries, and shakes. The burgers were tender and nicely seasoned, the fries were just fine, but the shakes were out of this world! I opted for the cake shake, which has two Tastycake butterscotch krimpets blended into a vanilla shake. Heaven.

After that, we decided to ride the new bike lanes to West Philly in hopes that we could catch a showing of Whip It. As it turned out, it wasn't showing, but the Fame remake was. K. and I are both big fans of the original, so it was kind of a must see even though we were expecting it to be bad, which of course it was. There were way more characters than the writers could competently handle--well over a dozen, more or less equally weighted--so there was pretty much no character development at all. And even though it depicted all four years of their high school lives, you didn't really see any of them develop as artists. The only mark that any of them had learned anything was that a couple dropped out because they found in work in their chosen mediums. The musical numbers were lively but in no way memorable. And sadly Kherington Payne, who we loved on So You Think You Can Dance, didn't even having the acting chops to pull off the half dozen lines of dialog they gave her.

We so enjoyed our bike ride on Saturday that we decided to do another one on Sunday. I had read that morning that it was Casimir Pulaski Day, so we rode up to the art museum to pay our respects to the amazing statue of him there (in all it's dashing, tight-pantsed, huge sabre-wielding, dramatic posing glory). As it turns out, there was a parade celebrating Polish Day going on around the museum, presumably in honor of Pulaski, but we mostly avoided it and took a picnic of prepared goodies from Whole Foods out to Fairmount Park for a nice picnic. We decided that our potato flauta was close enough to a pierogi to count as honoring the occasion. Then we rode down to the Falls Bridge and came back down the other side of the river.

When we got home, I cooked up some pasta with langostinos and we watched the movie Good Dick. I probably would have appreciated the movie more if the totally fraudulent trailer hadn't made it look like a cute, fun, upbeat story about two oddballs falling in love when in fact it was a dreary, downbeat story about two oddballs so messed up by their pasts that they can barely function.

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