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more yammering on about Melrose Place

All right, after last night's episode, I'm off the fence about Melrose Place. That show is getting pretty damn fun. We have Ella using her knack for manipulation seemingly for good, but surely with ulterior motives. Riley got a bit more interesting with the implication that she's harboring some terrible secret. Lauren is committing to her new lifestyle of medical intern by day, high class call girl by night.

Old show baddie Michael Mancinci is getting heavily involved in not one, but two storylines, which can only be great, and his ex-wife (Josie Bissett) is moving in next episode as the new landlady of the complex. Even better, they've apparently signed Heather Locklear to reprise her scene-stealing, show-saving role from the original series. The only Melrose Place casting news that could have made me happier would be if Johnny "Drama" Chase got a role.

Also, I love how just every scene with Ashlee Simpson's character ends in her making the "look at how damn crazy I am" face right at the camera. That shit is what Melrose Place is all about.

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