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Jennifer's Body

Saw Jennifer's Body on Saturday. I thought it was a decent teen horror comedy. After they go to hear an indie rock band that is mysteriously playing their small town, Needy (Amanda Seyfried) begins to suspect something is very, very wrong with her best friend Jennifer (Megan Fox). "She's actually evil," Needy tells her boyfriend, "Not just high school evil." And when the boys at school start turning up partially eaten, it's up to Needy to save her boyfriend and the rest of the town from the person who knows her best.

Diablo Cody's screenplay didn't have as much going for it as Juno or The United States of Tara, but it was a definite improvement over your typical teen slasher flick. It was cheeky and clever, although suffered a bit from the standard horror-comedy dilemma wherein the comic elements make the horror less scary and the horror elements make the comedy less funny.

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