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True Blood finale

Still mulling over the season finale of True Blood. I mostly liked the way they tricked the Maenad, but I'm left wondering just where Sam and Bill found a white bull for Sam to mimic in Louisiana on such short notice. Maybe the Queen just has them lying around? Or maybe Bill's blood increased his control of his powers? I doubt we'll ever know. Also, the fakeout cliff hanger with the egg annoyed me a little.

As for everything that happened after the climax? Meh... the marriage proposal and kidnapping lacked the grace of their usual cliffhangers. It felt like a first draft to me. Jason shooting Eggs and Andy covering it up? I don't really see that storyline going anywhere interesting. Sam tracking down his real parents could be interesting though. And I'm pretty interested in what's going to happen with Jessica and Hoyt, although I wish those events of the last few minutes had played out more slowly over the course of a couple episodes.

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