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Watched the first episode of season two of Leverage last night. Considering how much I loved season one, I was fairly underwhelmed. Parker has gone from socially awkward and mentally unstable (in a hilariously awesome way) to just run-of-the-mill goofy. Hardison seemed stripped of his wisecracks and delight in subverting the system. And if Nate doesn't have his passion and his alcoholic melancholy, I find him dull. Elliot was pretty much the same as last season, although he didn't seem to enjoy fighting quite as much. Only Sophie seemed to be firing on all cylinders. With Nate accidentally stumbling upon the crime and being vaguely connected with some of the criminals, the plot seemed highly contrived, even for an episode of Leverage.

Hopefully, it's just getting off to a slow start and not in a full-on sophomore slump. Maybe they should have taken more than six months off between seasons.

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