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Wine Banned Over Century Old Bicycling Nymph

The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board has banned sales of a new pinot noir for using the above image as its label. They argued that it broke the rules by displaying "a person posed in an immoral or sensuous manner." Well, I'll give them sensuous. K. and I actually have a framed copy of the poster hanging in the house, given our love for bicycles, redheads, and umm... well... you know.

The great art nouveau illustration was created by Georges Massias in 1895 as an advertisement for Cycles Gladiator. I'm sure it was probably at least a little shocking back then, but over a century later, you'd think we'd be able to hold onto our hats over such a sensation.

Still the makers of the new pinot aren't worried. They say that the free advertising (which I suppose I'm now a small part of) and new "Banned in 'Bama" campaign will more than make up for the lost sales. I know I'll buy a bottle.

For more information, check out this article or the winery itself. And thanks to Darren for drawing my attention to this story!

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