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vacation confessions

So I feel a little weird about saying this, but I can't keep it inside me any longer:

During vacation I had an affair.

With a bicycle. Yes, while my Trek was stuck at home, ignored and forgotten, I was zipping around Long Beach Island on a sweet little black Electra cruiser. Oh, sure, this rakish bike-for-hire wasn't as beautiful as my own bike, but it was wonderful. So fast and so easy, two essential things in any vacation romance I'm sure you'll agree. Of course, my attitude toward it was no doubt helped along by the fact that I was riding it for fun in a breezy seaside setting rather than commuting to work in a big, angry, humid city. But there was just something about the smoothness of that Electra's ride that I can't get out of my head. Even as I'm pedaling away at my Trek, I am thinking of another and remembering the rides we had together.

Tags: bicycle, travels, wayback wednesdays

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