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back to life... back to reality....

Coming back from vacation reminded me of coming down off an ecstasy trip. For a brief time I was completely content and peaceful and then suddenly everything I had to do came rushing back at me with full force. First having to move everything back up from the first floor to the second floor, including rebuilding lots of unmovable Ikea crap. And now having to wake up early (by vacation standards) and go to work (really? 249 emails?). Fortunately I figured out how to use my cell as an alarm clock since my actual alarm clock is still buried somewhere.

On the positive side, though, it was a good vacation, I got some decent (though not outstanding) writing work down, and our new floors look pretty great, except for a lot of painting that needs to be done around them. And it's nice to have cable tv again. Oh, how we missed our myriad channels.

Here is a list of the sea's bounty which I consumed (as is my vacation way):

Clams (fried, chowdered x3), Shrimp (fried, coconut fried), Crab (bisqued, Caesar saladed), Lobster (grilled x3, BLT'd), Flounder (fried), Mahi Mahi (grilled), and Wahoo (fried in a sandwich).


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