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burger club: Pub & Kitchen

Went to Burger Club last night at Pub & Kitchen. Had a lovely time hanging out with friends that I don't see nearly often enough, drinking Dark & Stormies (dark rum and ginger beer), and eating a very good--but just short of excellent--burger.

The bun was soft and unobtrusive. The Boston lettuce was an excellent choice for a burger as it happily molds itself around the other ingredients. The grilled red onion was lovely but there was too little of it (a center piece about the size of a quarter). I was disappointed by the bacon, which had very little flavor, and mostly got lost behind the strong cheddar cheese melted on top. Unlike many pub burgers that tend to be tight and tough, this one was nicely loose and tender and very tasty. The fries could definitely have been crisper.

Overall, I rated it a B-. (It probably would have gotten a slightly better grade if I hadn't had such an amazing burger last week at Grace's Tavern.)

The drinks however were great and surprisingly strong. Three Dark & Stormies (and a few beers at Doobies afterward) were enough to make for a very entertaining bike ride home and a few crazy little dreams.

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