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Took a sick day yesterday, because I woke up already tired. It was probably just laziness or depression, but it definitely helped. Did a little laundry, watched like eight movies on HBO, and spent some time transcribing notes for my novel into the computer.

Still feeling a little weird today so I let the reported threat of thunderstorms keep me from riding my bike to work even though the skies are currently as beautiful as can be.

Now I'm at work and at war with my computer. Only about 40% of my mouse clicks are getting through for some reason. I tried three different mouses (correct plural?) and they're all having the same problem. Then I decided to update my Java so that my internet radio station will play better and now the program we use to clock in and out won't work, because it was ineptly programmed to work with only a specific old version of Java from two years ago.

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