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analog apocalypse!!!

Watching the last few hours of good old-fashioned analog television. It's Letterman vs. Palin... mean girls beating and shaving one of their classmates... that idiot Miss California... last surviving Golden Girl Bettie White... penis enlargement... cooking barbeque... the 700 Club trying to cure homosexuality... the election in Iran... and oooh Black Eyed Peas in concert!

T-Minus 132 minutes and counting til static....

11:56: 4 minutes and counting!!! That 12 months of Comcast for $30/month package is looking better and better...

12:03: What the Heck!?!?! NBC just showed them flipping the switch and our tv is still working!

12:04: Scratch that, it just died. I have no TV!!!!

12:05: Wait, it's just NBC that's gone. Oh, Peacock, I will always hate you for the being the first to betray me!

12:09: All the PBS stations are gone too.

12:16: Awww... Fox is doing a sentimental story about the history of the local affiliate. The owner used to broadcast it out of his own apartment!

12:22: Everybody on TV keeps implying that I'm ready for the transition. Fools!

12:24: Go ahead and futile advertise the television programming you're taking away from me!

12:25: Takeout sushi arrives! I shall at least have yum-yums!

12:29: One minute til the other stations leave me! Stop calling it readiness day!

12:30: NBC had a switch, Fox has a button. Oooh, Fox went out just as the pretty blonde hit the button. Cool!

12:31: Awww, CBS went to some old test pattern and then flashed a goodbye message to me before it died. Sweet!

12:32: Even the CW is gone! Do my years of loyal viewing count for nothing?

12:33: I have only the Spanish station now! A woman is hanging laundry. Uh oh, a fat man is about to tickle her!

12:35: It seems prophetic that the only station left now is called Univision.

12:38: Making the TV do an auto-channel search in hopes of some pirate station showing up.

12:40: Wow, Univision is not alone! The auto-search found three informercial stations, another Spanish language station, and some religious station.

12:44: Fine, I'll just watch an episode of 30 Rock I burned....

3:10: K. just called to say that the Cable people are coming on Sunday afternoon. She's very excited by the idea of watching True Blood legally as it's actually airing.

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