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Dean & Britta (and Karaoke Obscura)

Saw Dean & Britta at Johnny Brenda's last night... great show. They even threw some of Dean's old Galaxy 500 and Luna songs into the mix. Dean seems like he hasn't aged since the first time I saw him and his performance of "Tiger Lily" still utterly hypnotizes me. Britta looked great in her customary big boots and little skirt and really knocked me out with her vocals on "You Turn My Head Around." They finished with their great, great cover of "Bonnie & Clyde."

I was psyched to see them selling Galaxy 500 t-shirts, but the biggest size they came in was medium! Grrr.... picked up a copy of Dean's book though.

After the show, Scott I and went the final (?) installment of Karaoke Obscura at 12 Steps Down and ran into a lot of librarians. I was all set to do "Life on Mars," but they didn't have it, so in the spirit of the night, I did Luna's "California (All The Way)," which I figured would be forgiving to my untrained voice.

Tags: barefoot, best of 2009, music

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