Diary of an Ass Monkey (assmonkeydiary) wrote,
Diary of an Ass Monkey

Summer Glau on Dollhouse?

With Sarah Connor Chronicles canceled and Dollhouse renewed, Joss Whedon is rumored to be writing Summer Glau into the show. Given her history of playing mentally-glitched killing machines and his well-documented fetish for showing her barefoot, it seems like a no brainer that he would cast her as one of the dolls, but apparently he's determined to give her an acting challenge: "I’d rather see her play someone who talks too much. The most fun I have is when I get somebody who’s good and comfortable at doing something, and then I make them do something else." And that's just fine with Summer who says, "I would like to play a normal girl before I die of extreme old age." It sounds good to me, because as much as I like her, I could never really get into that Sarah Connor show.

Tags: best of 2009, gloves, ink, television

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