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Lost and Dollhouse finales (spoilers!)

So, the finale for Dollhouse was pretty decent, but not as fun as the episode prior. Of course, it suffered quite a bit from potentially being the final episode of the series, so the writers crammed rather too much in. If they knew they were getting a second season, they could have left Echo evil for a lot longer and had her and Alpha going off on a Mickey and Mallory-style serial killing binge, which good Echo in that other girl's body hunted them down with the FBI boy (Paul?). And his joining up with the Dollhouse people went so ludicrously quickly that it practically didn't happen (and possibly shouldn't have). Still, I'll come back next year for the new low budget version to see where they're going with it.

The finale for Lost was more satisfying. I liked the whole immortal enemies thing they set up with Jacob and... Esau? And Mark Pellegrino was a good choice to play him; I enjoyed him on Dexter. So I'm assuming that "Esau," aka the Man in Black, is the smoke monster and responsible for most of the visions the islanders have seen over the past few seasons. Has Ben always been secretly working for him? Is that why he couldn't see Jacob when he was the leader?

I enjoyed Juliet beating the H-bomb with a rock as she took her dying gasps. Not that she's dead anymore, since that whole timeline has now been undone... or has it? Although, the actress who plays her is supposed to be in the new V series, so that's probably the last we've seen of her.

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