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episode 1404: in which I fall from grace with the kitchen gods...

Some weird cooking experiences lately:

On Monday, I was making my favorite oatmeal cookies which are usually so good that we immediately want another batch the second we eat the last cookie. Now the last time I made them, a couple months ago, K. was worrying about her sugar intake, and after some calculations to figure out just how much sugar was in each individual cookie, we decided to experiment with the next batch by reducing the amount of sugar by 25%. Ugh. They're still good and all, but let me tell you, we're really missing that absent half cup of brown sugar.

Then last night, I was making a tamale pie, which is basically just chili with black beans and corn, poured into a casserole dish and topped with corn bread. All was going well until I opened the can of Contadina diced tomatoes and was dismayed to find it was a mislabeled can of tomatoe-y liquid, probably pureed tomatoes or tomato sauce. That threw the moisture level of the chili so far off that the corn bread topping, covered as it was in bubbling up juice, refused to bake properly. Even after I'd cooked it nearly three times longer than I was supposed to, it was still almost mushy. The whole mess tasted sort of ok, if you ignored the consistency of the corn bread, but made for a very late, very disappointing dinner.

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