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People who live underwater don't understand the rain, how it really gets to you after a while. They hear you complaining about the day after day of rain beseeching you and they just shrug. "What the hell?" they say, "outside of this glass dome, we've got nothing but water for as far as the eye can see and you don't see us complaining!" But that's a lie. They have fish and whales and giant squid swimming by to keep things interesting, sleek submarines etching long contrails of cascading bubbles, mermaids and merlads peeking through the glass. It's nothing like these gray days of no sky but cloud, no air but mist, no ground but puddle. You want to understand rain, I tell them, let's make a few cracks in that pretty dome of yours. Let's see how you feel when that water isn't safely behind glass. Let's see how you like it then.

Tags: stockings, vagaries, weather

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